Broadway Bits

As we await the new 2011 calendar year, two shows were announced today for the forthcoming Broadway spring season.

A revival of Tom Stoppard’s Aracadia will give New York audiences that Stoppard fix since his last play, Rock ‘n’ Roll. Billy Crudup and Raul Esparza will lead the cast in a time-shifting play that travels back and forth between the 19th century and the present. The metaphysical story concerns Bernard Nightingale’s (Billy Crudup) investigation into the life of Lord Byron. Valentine Coverly (Raul Esparza) helps him to uncover the events that occurred on the same estate that they are now occupying some 2oo years before.

The new production will be directed by David Leveaux, who previously directed two Stoppard plays, The Real Thing and Jumpers. Previews will be begin February 22 for a March 17 opening.

A new solo show by John Leguizamo is also in the works. Entitled Ghetto Klown, he will rant with comedic agility about his Queens, NY, adolescence to his experiences on the sets of his film shoots to his traumatic experience that made him want to stop performing. Sounds like a lure to make us more curious, but judging from his previous shows like Sexaholix…A Love Story, he’ll have us laughing along with him. But the format is vaguely similar to Chazz Palminteri’s previous solo play about his upbringing in the Bronx, A Bronx Tale.

Playing for a limited 12-week engagement, it will begin previews February 21 for a March 22 opening.

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