Macbeth Gets Punchdrunk

The spirits and witches of that Scottish play will be revived once again–this time to haunt the corridors and guestrooms of the old McKittrick Hotel in New York. In a site-specific display, the ingeniously clever Punchdrunk will inhabit the space in a new interpretation of Macbeth. The experimental British group (those darn Brits!) will invite guests to experience the narrative of the classic Shakespeare tragedy in a uniquely interactive environment. Each room and hallway features a different scene in the play for the audience to explore through. To add to that Hitchcockian suspense, a Bernard Herrmann score will be heard somewhere in the proceedings.

Stephen Dobbie and Lindsay Nolin
A theatrical installation of MACBETH will haunt the McKittrick Hotel. (Photo:

The American Repertory Theatre first staged this installation during Fall 2009 at the Old Lincoln School in Brookline, MA. It proved to be very successful as voyeuristic crowds sold

out each showing. New Yorkers will experience it in a somewhat haunted hotel. The initial run will be for six weeks starting March 7. But of course with audience demand, an extension is likely. The website for tickets and hotel location is at

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