Lines Make Crowds at Sundance Opening Night

Hundreds of Sundancers came and lined up to see the two opening night features of the Sundance Film Festival at the Eccles Theatre last night, the largest venue of the festival at approximately 1200 seats. The first film, Sing Your Song, is an inspirational documentary on the life of Harry Belafonte. That film was delayed by 40 minutes due to a large amount of held seats. The process was slowed down due to releasing those holds for the still-waiting line of 150+ ticketholders standing in the frigid night air! There was worry and tension, though, among theatre management that there would not be enough seats remaining for half of that group. But eventually, the cold, bitchy crowd made it in successfully.

Another enthusiastic reception was greeted for the next film, Pariah, a coming-of-age tale about a closeted lesbian teenager. Ticketholders quickly filled the tent, resulting into another outside overflow line that snaked its way to the end of the parking lot. The entrance process went smoothly this time around, but was still delayed by fifteen minutes due to projection issues. A TV reporter from a Park City public access show was apparently delighted and amazed of the huge interest judging from that ever-growing line. She has already declared Pariah the sleeper hit of the festival based on that assessment. Not to downgrade the film, but, if that were the case, then every film playing at the Eccles would be a sleeper hit.

So, I’m now looking over today’s schedule to say what films I can get into for the first full-day roster. Hmm, what to see, what to see…?

Images of Sundance

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    • Paul Trinh

      Yes, Julie, but you are still missed over here! But you may not want to stand out in the extreme cold or get bitched out by the crowds. That’s why I can experience for you!


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