Matt Nathanson, St. Vincent Rock Out at the Cafe

Taking a break from the films and wrangling the crowds at the Eccles, I took in some music yesterday afternoon at the Sundance Music Cafe. Located on Main Street in the historic Old Town District, Sundance along with ASCAP showcase indie and established musical artists in a casual concert cafe. The three artists I managed to see there were St. Vincent, The Secret Sisters and Matt Nathanson.

St. Vincent is a one-woman band using keyboards and synthesized arrangements to create the basis for her songs. Like Imogen Heap, another artist who creates her all of her own synthetic and electronic arrangements, St. Vincent’s sound is a unique hybrid of contemporary synth-pop. Her keyboard and guitar touches blend electro-beats and claps with hard clamps on the electric guitar for a clipped, raw sound.

The Secret Sisters were vocally harmonious for their vintage Southern country cover songs. A sister-duo from Alabama, they performed songs by George Jones and Patsy Cline, plus two original songs steeped in soft gospel.

Matt Nathanson was the final artist to perform for the day and boy did he live it up. Lively and humorous, he projected a charismatic stage personality that charmed the intimate living room feel of the Music Cafe. With a new album coming out in May 2011, Nathanson played a couple of new songs with some fan favorites.

When Sundance is not in progress, the space goes back to being an art gallery for Stanfield Fine Art.

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