First Glimpse of Meryl Streep as ‘The Iron Lady’

An exclusive look of Meryl Streep as THE IRON LADY, Margaret Thatcher. (Photo: Alex Bailey)

An exclusive still photo has just been released of Meryl Streep complete in Margaret Thatcher fright wig and makeup. Streep is currently deep into filming her latest ambitious film biopic, The Iron Lady. Adding to her many range of film roles of stern nun, sex-starved woman in bed with Alec Baldwin, and wannabe Abba singer, Streep can easily conjure up the steely presence of Thatcher at the click of the clapboard.

Reuniting with Mamma Mia! director, Phyllida Lloyd, the film is on location throughout the UK and will mostly cover the pivotal events leading up to the 1982 Falklands War. Jim Broadbent (Professor Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter films) will play husband Denis Thatcher. The Iron Lady is expected to be released during the Christmas 2011 season, also in time for next year’s Oscar race.

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