After Obstacles, London Presents Itself

It’s been quite a journey getting here to London. After barely catching our connecting flight in Toronto because of a narrow layover window of 30-minutes, my husband and I managed to survive the lengthy walk of endless terminal corridors, breezed past Canadian customs and still walk onto a plane that departed on time. The flight even arrived an hour earlier than scheduled.

But wait, our luggage did not make the transfer so well in Toronto. Being declared misconnected and catching the next flight to London, our luggage was finally delivered by courier the next day.

So with that safely delivered and taken care of, we wasted no time in seeing what the British capital had to offer. Scenes of rumbling double-decker buses and speedy black taxis were spotted all over the central London areas of the Piccadilly Circus district and Trafalgar Square. Stunning old-world and historically formal architecture dominated the cityscape. Here are some images about town.

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Photos: Paul Trinh

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  1. Debbie

    Greetings- I am really enjoying your blog- comments and pictures. You are such an interesting writer. Say hello to Phillipe when you see him. Happy trails – Debbie


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