Rare Inside Glimpse of the Real Downton Abbey

Viewers of Downton Abbey will instantly recognize this iconic castle situated in the Berkshire countryside of England. A direct train travels to the Newbury Station close to the beloved estate, just an hour outside of London. Connect with a car hire that will easily whisk you right on to the grounds of the mansion. The grand cathedral-like design of the central tower beckons visitors to explore the stories within.

The TV version featured the Crawley family and its hierarchy of house staff. The real castle, Highclere Castle, is laid out on a 5,000 acre property which overlooks vastly landscaped carpets of grass and romantic hills stretched out lazily. The estate is still under royal ownership. The Lord and Lady Carnarvon currently occupy and reside in the castle during the winter and fall months, while living in a nearby cottage for the tourist season in spring and summer.

Over the decades, the castle was not able to age so regally, suffering from deterioration and water damage. To maintain the upkeep of rooms ranging from 60 to 80 bedrooms, the family has recently relied on the increased revenue from the inspired interest of Downton Abbey. The estimated cost for a castle repair of this magnitude would be £12 million pounds. Thanks to the on-site filming of the popular series, fans of Downton can help support the restoration while viewing the tastefully adorned rooms and priceless collection of art.

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