Los Angeles and the Olympics Reunite

A new deal has been struck by the International Olympic Committee to proactively determine a host city for the 2028 Summer Olympics. Indeed, Los Angeles has been announced and will return to host the games and the athletes once more.

The sprawling city was in direct competition with Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Several other candidates, such as Rome, Budapest and Boston, simply withdrew their bids due to potential cost overruns or overwhelming objections. With no other bids to consider in the long term, the IOC offered a unique deal to L.A. to play host in 2028. It will mark the third time (previously 1932 and 1984) for the metropolis and would be a U.S. return since the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Some of the urban venues from the 1984 Summer Olympics still exist and maintain operational functions. The iconic Memorial Coliseum can be used again as the flagship stadium and host the Opening Ceremony as well as various field and track events. The spacious Staples Center would be a natural fit for the popular gymnastics events. With prime venues like these already in place, it seemed a sweet deal for both the city and the IOC to come together. Not having to spend millions of dollars more to build additional athletic facilities would be tremendous and crucial to debt prevention.

Once all the contractual obligations have been set, the committee will officially announce the decision at the IOC Session conference in Lima, Peru on September 13.

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