Kings of Leon Refreshed

With a textured keyboard intro and the opening of a billowy curtain, Kings of Leon returned to Mohegan Sun last Saturday night for a bountiful concert.

It’s been about ten years since I last saw these Folowill guys live. The four members are comprised of three brothers and a cousin. Originating from Nashville, their rock sound is less country, but more of an alchemy of Alabama roots-rock, stirring gospel, soulful lyricism and Seattle grunge.

During those past ten years, I had wanted to see them perform again with newer material on different tours. But, not once, but twice, that the band had to cancel those tours regarding personal issues with exhaustion, sickness, alcoholism or some other logistical hurdle.

So the third attempt seemed to be the charm. The current Kings of Leon album “Walls” prompted a new tour for a couple of gigs around New England.

Time and maturity really made a pivotal difference for this band’s career-spanning set. Not that I could notice any vomiting between songs or tension among the Folowills. But the musical proficiency and the substantial range of songs made for a generous concert by a rejuvenated band.

For this advantageous night, what the band gave out, the fans easily took in with devotion.

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